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Laboratory Trays

Without bottom grooves, low form. PVC, thick walled, break-proof. Widely resistant to acids and bases. Temperature resistant from - 30 to max. + 60 °C.
Laboratory Trays  Bürkle
Laboratory Trays  BürkleLaboratory Trays  Bürkle    
Outside size
(L x W x H)
ColourPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
110 x 160150 x 200 x 30white15200061-7.27Order
140 x 190180 x 230 x 40white15200062+8.80Order
190 x 260240 x 320 x 50white15200063-13.26Order
260 x 320320 x 370 x 50white15200064-20.63Order
310 x 410370 x 470 x 60white15200065-34.21Order
420 x 510480 x 580 x 60white15200066-65.13Order
510 x 610590 x 680 x 70white15200067-92.40Order
110 x 160150 x 200 x 30red15200068-7.27Order
140 x 190180 x 230 x 40red15200069-8.80Order
190 x 260240 x 320 x 50red15200070-13.26Order
260 x 320320 x 370 x 50red15200071-20.63Order
310 x 410370 x 470 x 60red15200072-34.21Order
510 x 610590 x 680 x 70red15200074-92.40Order
110 x 160150 x 200 x 30black15200075-7.27Order
140 x 190180 x 230 x 40black15200076-8.80Order
190 x 260240 x 320 x 50black15200077-13.26Order
260 x 320320 x 370 x 50black15200078-20.63Order
310 x 410370 x 470 x 60black15200079-34.21Order
510 x 610590 x 680 x 70black15200081-92.40Order