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OTAL Universal Pumps

For acids, alkalis, detergents, coolants, diesel and other oils, foodstuffs.
  • Liquid comes only into contact with the rigid tubes, not with the pump itself.
  • Easy to clean.

Available in:
  • PP for weak acids, alkalis, detergents, foodstuffs.
  • PVDF for acids, alkalis, aggressive media.
  • St. steel for diesel and other oils (not for acids).
  • Safe, continuous delivery flow; no pulsations.
  • OTAL universal pumps fit on all commercially available containers with openings from 30 to 70 mm Ø; OTAL hand pump PP Mini with openings from 20 to 36 mm Ø.
  • Suction tube adapts automatically to the particular container height.
  • Hand pumps, for containers up to 60 l capacity.
  • Foot pumps, with comfortable foot operation, ideal for containers up to 120 l.
  • Guarantee: 3 years.
  • With universal stopper made of PVC.
Bürkle  OTAL Universal Pumps
Bürkle  OTAL Universal PumpsBürkle  OTAL Universal PumpsBürkle  OTAL Universal Pumps   
Delivery rate
l / min
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
OTAL foot pump PP70201515001015-88.36Order
OTAL foot pump PP70261815001018-90.80Order
OTAL foot pump PP90302215001022-100.25Order
OTAL foot pump PP with PVC discharge tubing70121015001133-90.80Order
OTAL foot pump PVDF70201615001130-135.89Order
OTAL foot pump stainless steel90261815001132-135.89Order
OTAL hand pump PP70141215001112-71.60Order
OTAL hand pump PP70201515001115-75.10Order
OTAL hand pump PP70261815001118-76.38Order
OTAL hand pump PVDF70201615001135-128.89Order
OTAL hand pump stainless steel90261815001137-128.89Order
OTAL hand pump PP with PVC discharge tubing70121015001138-75.10Order
OTAL hand pump PP Mini4541015001210-52.35Order