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epTIPS® Boxes, IVD version

  • System optimised for use with multi-channel pipettes.
  • Colour-coded trays for simple identification of tips and matching Eppendorf pipette.
  • IVD version.
epTIPS® Boxes, IVD version  Eppendorf
epTIPS® Boxes, IVD version  EppendorfepTIPS® Boxes, IVD version  Eppendorf    
Volume rangePackingPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
0.1 to 10 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409470+31.42Order
0.1 to 20 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409471-31.42Order
0.5 to 20 μl L1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409472-27.90Order
2 to 200 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409473+27.90Order
20 to 300 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409474-27.90Order
50 to 1000 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409475+27.90Order
50 to 1250 μl1 reusable box incl. 96 tips965409476-31.42Order
50 to 1250 μl L1 reusable box incl. 96 tips15423404-31.94Order
100 to 5000 μl1 reusable box incl. 24 tips245409478+33.00Order
250 to 2500 μl1 reusable box incl. 48 tips485409477+37.05Order
* The pipette tips of the epT.I.P.S.® product group with the respective product numbers are designed and constructed for low-contamination transfer of liquids, in particular for samples from the human body and for reagents within the scope of an in-vitro
diagnostic application in order to allow the in-vitro diagnostic medical device to be used as intended. The above mentioned epT.I.P.S.® are in-vitro diagnostic devices according to Directive 98/79/EC
of the European Parliament and the Council dated October 27, 1998. They are intended exclusively for single use and for application by qualified staff.
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