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Dräger Safety 

Dräger Tubes®

For gas detector pump accuro®.
Dräger Tubes®  Dräger
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Acrylonitrile 0.5 / a0.5 to 20 mg / l105620412-107.17Order
Activation tube Formaldehyde-105620440-56.25Order
Ammonia 5 / a5 to 700 mg / l105620405-60.24Order
Ammonia 5 / b5 to 100 mg / l105620424-58.92Order
CO2 100 / a-P100 to 3000 ppm106314950-77.61Order
Ethylene oxide 25 / a25 to 500 mg / l105620430-73.56Order
Formaldehyde 0.2 / a0.2 to 5 mg / l105620429-73.56Order
Carbon dioxide 0.1 / a0.1 to 6 mg / l105428319-53.58Order
Carbon dioxide 1 / a1 to 20 mg / l105428316-52.54Order
Carbon dioxide 5 / A5 to 60 mg / l105428315-80.74Order
Methyl bromide 5 / b5 to 50 mg / l105620401-76.47Order
Nitrous fumes 0.2 / a0.2 to 30 mg / l105438733-62.12Order
Phosphine 0.01 / a0.01 to 1 mg / l105620438-78.11Order
DR hydrogen phosphide 0.1 / a0.5 to 3 ppm, 0.1 to 1.0 ppm106075701-60.79Order
Hydrochloric acid 1 / a1 to 10 mg / l105620413-74.08Order
Sulphur dioxide 0.5 / a1 to 25 ppm, 0.5 to 5 ppm106076539-60.76Order
Hydrogen sulphide 0.2 / A0.2 to 7 mg / l105428314-73.04Order
Hydrogen sulphide 1 / c1 to 200 mg / l105620400-56.29Order
Hydrogen sulphide 2 / a2 to 200 mg / l105428317-58.89Order
Hydrogen sulphide 2 / b2 to 60 mg / l105428318-54.12Order
Hydrogen sulphide 5 / b5 to 60 mg / l105620425-53.58Order
Hydrogen sulphide 100 / a100 to 2000 mg / l105620402-57.85Order
Styrene / monostyrene 10 / a10 to 200 mg / l105620422-68.25Order
Toluene 5 / b5 to 300 mg / l105620446-71.18Order
Trichloroethylene 2 / a2 to 250 mg / l105620447-60.76Order
Triethylamine 5 / a5 to 60 mg / l105620445-67.21Order
Steam 20 / a-P20 to 100 mg H2O / m3, 100 to 500 mg H2O / m3106345069-62.65Order
Hydrogen peroxide 0.1 / a0.1 to 3 ppm106356374-84.51Order
Further tubes on request.