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Dräger Safety 

Disposable Fine Dust Masks X-plore® 1700 / 1700+

The particle-filtrating half masks Dräger X-plore® 1700 offer effective protection against respirable dust as well as solid and fluid particles at dust laden works due to the CoolSAFE™ filter material, e. g. in industry and craft. Easy to handle and with high wearing comfort.

The Dräger X-plore® 1700+ reduces breathing resistances to a minimum and provides a higher level of comfort due to a special filter material.
Disposable Fine Dust Masks X-plore® 1700 / 1700+  Dräger
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
X-plore® 1710+ FFP1up to 4 times of the LV205436836+23.30Order
X-plore® 1720+ V (with valve) FFP2up to 10 times of the LV105436837+29.86Order
X-plore® 1730+ V (with valve) FFP3up to 30 times of the LV105436838-59.09Order
X-plore® 1710 FFP1up to 4 times of the LV205005461-22.47Order
X-plore® 1720 FFP2up to 10 times of the LV, against bacteries205005463+40.99Order
X-plore® 1720 FFP2 V (with valve)up to 10 times of the LV, against bacteries105005464-29.13Order
X-plore® 1720 odour FFP2 S-V (odour filtering effect)up to 10 times of the LV, against bacteries105005468-49.42Order
X-plore® 1730 FFP3 V (with valve)up to 30 times of the LV, virus, bacteries, enzyme105005465+58.05Order
X-plore 1710 FFP1 V (with valve)up to 4 times of the LV105005462+19.77Order