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GE Healthcare Extraction Thimbles Grade 603

Whatman thimbles are the standard for reproducible analytical results. Through controlled dimensional accuracy an excellent fit in the analysis systems is ensured. Due to the carefully selected raw materials, the thimbles are ideal for all analytical routine processes to obtain reproducible results without influencing the sample. - Made of pure cellulose. Acc. to DIN 12 449. For the Soxhlet extraction etc.
GE Healthcare Extraction Thimbles Grade 603
GE Healthcare Extraction Thimbles Grade 603GE Healthcare Extraction Thimbles Grade 603    
For extractors

PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
22 x 80 255043901-69.97Order
25 x 60 255043922-67.49Order
25 x 80 255043923-67.49Order
25 x 10070255043902-69.97Order
26 x 60 255043925-67.49Order
28 x 80 255043909-67.49Order
28 x 100 255043926-67.49Order
30 x 80 255043927-67.49Order
30 x 100 255043929-80.91Order
33 x 80 255043930+69.97Order
33 x 90 255043911-83.41Order
33 x 94100255043903-83.41Order
33 x 100 255043931-83.41Order
33 x 118 255043904-99.33Order
33 x 130150255043932-99.33Order
33 x 205250255043905-133.76Order
34 x 130 255043933-99.33Order
35 x 150 255043915-119.42Order
40 x 85 255043935-101.52Order
44 x 230 255043906-177.76Order
48 x 145 255043938-150.48Order
48 x 200 255043939-176.88Order