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GE Healthcare Membrane Filters ME 24 / ME 25 / ME 27 / ME 28

- Made of cellulose nitrate and acetate. - Ideal for gravimetric analysis. - Specially for aqueous solutions. - Very good for use in contamination tests. - Constant weight, hydrophilic, can be autoclaved at up to + 121 °C. - White / without grid.
GE Healthcare Membrane Filters ME 24 / ME 25 / ME 27 / ME 28
TypePore size
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ME 240.20471005058969-116.24Order
ME 240.20501005058987-107.80Order
ME 240.20100505058976-242.00Order
ME 250.45471005058939+116.24Order
ME 250.45501005058942-107.80Order
ME 250.45100505058946-261.36Order
ME 250.45110505058948-270.16Order
ME 250.45142255058951-121.44Order
ME 270.80251005428593-84.81Order
ME 270.80371005428594-115.19Order
ME 270.80471005428595-110.71Order
ME 270.80501005428596-113.63Order
ME 270.80100505428597-279.84Order
ME 281.20251005428589-102.97Order
ME 281.20471005428590-135.52Order
ME 281.20501005428591-140.80Order
ME 281.20100505428592-379.28Order