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pipetus® junior Pipetting Filler

Manual operated pipette filler. Easy and safe, exact and inexpensive. For use with all common pipettes between 0.1 to 200 ml. Compared with other manual pipette fillers, the pipetus® junior offers a defined aspiration. Pressing the PUMP-knob completely, aspirates approx. 2 ml. By pressing the OUT-knob, the pipette runs out gravimetrically and the intensity of this pressure on the knob determines the dispensing speed. Blow-out pipettes are emptied completely through finally pressing the bulb on the reverse of the handle.
pipetus® junior Pipetting Filler  HIRSCHMANN®
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
pipetus® junior15281100-114.40Order
Pipette holder, complete, for the device built to 05/200415281110-33.04Order
Pipette holder, complete15429119-33.04Order
Round filter set55283965+26.40Order
Spare silicone adapter15283961+6.38Order
pipetus® wall mount holder15283967-13.90Order
pipetus® stand15283968-20.33Order
Filter set, individually packed in sterile packing55429964-32.91Order