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liqui-soft® 2.0 Software

The integrated calibration program, including scale integration, calibrates convenient all volumetric measurement instruments, independently from the manufacturer. For akku-drive® the calibration runs almost automatically. The control of up to 4 akku-drive® or solarus® devices and taking record of all performed operations on these devices is possible with the Hirschmann liquid handling software. The concerned devices are displayed on the screen and they are operated by clicking on the illustrated keys. Special functions are adjusted with "pull-down-menues". Measured series of any of the connected devices can be recorded simultaneously. All of these recorded measured series can be saved in a data base and receive an individual index number. User, date and type of device can be indicated and search functions for any of these criteria are possible as well. The program supports the operating systems Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, WindowsNT and Windows2000.
  • Connection cable serial interface, cable for connecting apparatus with serial interface (9 pol) of your PC.
liqui-soft® 2.0 Software  HIRSCHMANN®
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Connecting cable RS23215287756-77.72Order
liqui-soft® software15287757-347.49Order