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KIMTECH SCIENCE* Blue Nitrile Gloves

A smooth bisque finish enables excellent tactile sensitivity in the handling of both wet and dry materials and equipment. The non-sterile gloves are ambidextrous, provide excellent protection against viruses and are free of silicone, being constructed of synthetic nitrile polymer (acrylonitrile butadiene). The blue nitrile gloves are also static dissipative in-use and powder-free. Beaded cuffs make the gloves easier to don and doff while adding strength and stability and the nitrile gloves are specifically designed to maximise comfort, even during extended use.

Suitable for a wide variety of non-sterile applications, KIMTECH SCIENCE* Blue Nitrile gloves are designed to protect your processes through minimising contamination risk and boosting productivity.
Technical Data:
Wall thickness

0.15 mm
Palm:0.12 mm
Cuff:0.09 mm
Standards:EC Council Directive 89/686/EWG, EN 420:2003, EN374-1, EN374-2, EN455-1,-2,-3,-4, ISO 16604 procedure B:2004
KIMTECH SCIENCE* Blue Nitrile Gloves  Kimberly-Clark
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
S / 6 to 6.52401005405155+10.89Order
M / 7 to 7.52401005405156-10.89Order
L / 8 to 8.52401005405157+10.89Order
XL / 9 to 9.5250905405158-10.89Order