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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director

EPPi® Drawer Racks

For EPPi® 45 and 50 cryo boxes and all other boxes with outer dimensions of up to 133 x 133 x 53 mm (W x D x H). St. steel. Open design. Single drawers with pull-out stop.
EPPi® Drawer Racks
EPPi® Drawer RacksEPPi® Drawer Racks    
No. of boxes
(D x H)
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
3 x 3140 x 434 x 184with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424200-130.67Order
3 x 4140 x 434 x 245with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15401072-135.67Order
3 x 5140 x 434 x 306with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424201-140.66Order
3 x 6140 x 434 x 367with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424202-150.65Order
4 x 3140 x 567 x 184with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424203-140.66Order
4 x 4140 x 567 x 245with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15401074-136.60Order
4 x 5140 x 567 x 306with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424204-150.65Order
4 x 6140 x 567 x 367with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424205-162.61Order
5 x 3140 x 700 x 184with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424206-150.65Order
5 x 4140 x 700 x 245with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424207-156.68Order
5 x 5140 x 700 x 306with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424208-173.64Order
5 x 6140 x 700 x 367with hinged handle, open drawer bottom*15424209-183.63Order
3 x 3140 x 434 x 184with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424210-130.67Order
3 x 4140 x 434 x 245with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424211-135.67Order
3 x 5140 x 434 x 306with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424212-140.66Order
3 x 6140 x 434 x 367with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424213-150.65Order
4 x 3140 x 567 x 184with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424214-140.66Order
4 x 4140 x 567 x 245with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424215-145.66Order
4 x 5140 x 567 x 306with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424216-141.29Order
4 x 6140 x 567 x 367with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424217-162.61Order
5 x 3140 x 700 x 184with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424218-150.65Order
5 x 4140 x 700 x 245with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424219-156.68Order
5 x 5140 x 700 x 306with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424220-173.64Order
5 x 6140 x 700 x 367with grip edge, closed drawer bottom15424221-183.63Order
 416 x 140 x 231 15401073-135.67Order
 549 x 140 x 231 15401075-136.60Order
All racks are also available without pull-out stop on request.
* Please ask for drawers with closed bottom.