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Vertical Racks for ALPHA Boxes 136 x 136

St. steel. With handle. Suitable for all branded chest freezers. For all boxes up to (W x D) 136 x 136 mm.
Vertical Racks for ALPHA Boxes 136 x 136
No. of
cryo boxes
For box
Size of racks
(W x D X H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
4KA1050141 x 141 x 22615401165-76.37Order
5KA1050141 x 141 x 28115401166-71.27Order
6KA1050141 x 141 x 33615401167-66.17Order
7KA1050141 x 141 x 39115401168-71.27Order
8KA1050141 x 141 x 44615401169-76.37Order
9KA1050141 x 141 x 50115401170-81.46Order
10KA1050141 x 141 x 55615401171-71.27Order
11KA1050141 x 141 x 61115401172-62.01Order
12KA1050141 x 141 x 66615401173-71.58Order
13KA1050141 x 141 x 72115401174-86.56Order
14KA1050141 x 141 x 77615401175-99.77Order
3KA1075141 x 141 x 24615424316-on demand 
4KA1075141 x 141 x 32615401176-62.11Order
5KA1075141 x 141 x 40615401177-66.17Order
6KA1075141 x 141 x 48615401178-69.29Order
7KA1075141 x 141 x 56615401179-72.31Order
8KA1075141 x 141 x 64615401180-75.32Order
9KA1075141 x 141 x 72615401181-78.45Order
3KA1100141 x 141 x 32115401183-75.32Order
4KA1100141 x 141 x 42615401184-79.49Order
5KA1100141 x 141 x 53115401185-82.50Order
6KA1100141 x 141 x 63615401186-85.52Order
7KA1100141 x 141 x 74115401187-89.68Order
10A75-1141 x 141 x 80615401182-on demand