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Accessories for testo 735-2

Accessories for testo 735-2  testo
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Service casefor measuring instrument, probes and accessories15851711-88.64Order
Immersion / penetration probeswaterproof standard immersion / penetration probe, TE type T, - 60 to + 400 °C15851712-43.76Order
Laboratory probePt 100, glass-coated, exchangeable glass pipe, resistant to corrosive substances, - 50 to + 400 °C15851718-111.08Order
Surface probewaterproof, with widened measurement tip for flat surfaces, TE type T, - 50 to + 350 °C15851713-63.95Order
Immersion / penetration probe11015718027-on demand 
Surface probe11015718028-on demand 
Immersion/ penetration probe12515718029-on demand 
Immersion/ penetration probe12516705628-411.77Order