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Needles for Microlitre Syringes

Removable needles for syringes LT and TLL with Luer hub of Kel-F® or metal. Standard length 51 mm, bevel type 2 (12°).
Kel-F®- hub:plastic (PCTFE) - identification mark: KF
Metal hub:brass, nickel plated - identification mark: N
Needles for Microlitre Syringes  HAMILTON
Needles for Microlitre Syringes  HAMILTONNeedles for Microlitre Syringes  HAMILTON    
TypePUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
260.460.25KF 72665221626- 95.73Order
26S0.470.11KF 726 S65221609- 95.73Order
250.510.25KF 72565221625- 95.73Order
240.560.30KF 72465221624- 95.73Order
230.640.33KF 72365221623- 95.73Order
220.710.41KF 72265221622- 93.87Order
22S0.710.15KF 722 S65221607- 95.73Order
210.810.51KF 72165221621- 95.73Order
200.890.58KF 72065221620- 95.73Order
181.240.84KF 71865221618- 66.53Order
260.460.25N 72665221676- 72.10Order
26S0.470.11N 726 S65221659- 72.10Order
250.510.25N 72565221675- 72.10Order
240.560.30N 72465221674- 72.10Order
230.640.33N 72365221673- 72.10Order
220.710.41N 72265221672- 72.10Order
22S0.710.15N 722 S65221657- 72.10Order
210.810.51N 72165221671- 72.10Order
200.890.58N 72065221670- 72.10Order
122.772.16N 71265221662+ on demand 
Further lengths and bevel types (3, 4, AS) are available on request.