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Safety Storage Vessels

For carrying and storage of flammable or corrosive liquids.
  • Meet the technical regulations for flammable liquids (BetrSichV / TRbF), explosion-protected (excluding graduated containers).
  • Made of chemically resistant materials: stainless steel (1.4571/ 1.4301) and PTFE seals.
  • With pressure relief valve in the dispensing head and screw lid.
  • Equipped with wire mesh flame arrester.
  • Made in Germany.
Storage and dispensing containers.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • For safe storage of bigger amounts of dangerous goods; also usable for filling.
  • 25 l vessel can be stacked space-savingly.
  • Taps and fine dispensing system close automatically.
Wall thickness:
10 l:0.8 mm
25 l:1.2 mm
50 l:1.5 mm
Rötzmeier  Safety Storage Vessels
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation1035026015042925-461.94Order
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation2553031515042926-571.18Order
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation5060036515042927-622.16Order
With screw lid1035026015042930-252.82Order
With screw lid2553031515042931-329.81Order
With screw lid5060036515042932-407.84Order
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation + volume display1035026015042934-664.82Order
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation + volume display2553031515042935-783.42Order
With tap ¾" with separate ventilation + volume display5060036515042936-842.72Order
With fine dispensing system1035026015042937-265.30Order