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Saint Gobain
Test Tube Caps

Versilic silicone. Translucent. Secure seat, pleasant to handle. The caps are actually produced with a slightly smaller inner Ø and therefore offer a very secure seat.
  • Type number corresponds to outer Ø of the test tube or vessel to be closed (glass, plastic, metal).
Saint Gobain  Test Tube Caps
TypePUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
1055231510- 5.88Order
1255231512- 5.93Order
1455231514- 6.71Order
1655231516- 5.77Order
1855231518- 11.24Order
2055231520- 11.18Order
2255231522- 13.27Order
2515231541- 2.77Order
3055231530- 14.15Order
3515231532- 3.95Order
5015231536- 6.68Order