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Mobile Suction System

Suction system consisting of:
  • Membrane vacuum pump with 11 l suction volume / min at 40 mbar ultimate pressure.
  • Suction bottle with screw-top and suction attachment with tubing connections or quick connectors.
  • A hydrophobic 0.2 µm filter protects the pump against the medium.
  • Suction connection tubing 6 x 2 mm silicone.
  • Suction using e. g. pasteur pipettes possible.
  • With or without base plate (base plate with holder and 2 carrying handles).
  • A plastic supporting plate with carrying handles and attachments for holding the vacuum-proof suction flask make the system compact and mobile at any time.
  • Connection 230 V / 50 Hz.

Spare suction bottle with screw-top and suction attachment with tubing connections or quick connectors.
Köhler  Mobile Suction System
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Suction system with tubing connectionswith base plate and holder200015391050-827.33Order
Suction system with tubing connectionswith base plate and holder400015391051-883.92Order
Suction system with tubing connectionswithout base plate200015391052-734.11Order
Suction system with tubing connectionswithout base plate400015391053-785.71Order
Suction system with quick connectorswith base plate and holder200015437051-on demand 
Suction system with quick connectorswith base plate and holder400015437052-968.82Order
Suction system with quick connectorswithout base plate200015437053-on demand 
Suction system with quick connectorswithout base plate400015437054-on demand 
Spare suction bottle with quick connectors 200015437057-on demand 
Spare suction bottle with quick connectors 400015437058-on demand 
Safety filter Liqui-Stopmembrane PTFE 0.45 μm015437059-37.87Order
Foot switchwith 230 V socket015437060-223.06Order