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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Repligen Europe (Spectrum Europe) 

Dialysis Tubing Spectra / Por®

RC (regenerated cellulose).
Dialysis Tubing Spectra / Por®  Kleinfeld
ml / cmPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 1106.40.32155206645-376.31Order
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 12314.61.70305206650-388.64Order
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 13220.43.30305206655-388.64Order
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 14025.55.10305206660-416.40Order
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 15032.08.00305206665-485.81Order
6 to 8000Spectra / Por® 110064.032.0155430045-589.14Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 22516.02.00155206678-513.57Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 24529.06.40155206680-513.57Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 210567.034.0155206682-1,136.63Order
3500Spectra / Por® 31811.51.00155206720-458.05Order
3500Spectra / Por® 34529.06.40155206724-458.05Order
3500Spectra / Por® 35434.09.30155206725-487.35Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 42516.02.00305206700-316.16Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 43220.43.30305206703-340.84Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 44529.06.40305206706-396.36Order
12 to 14000Spectra / Por® 47548.018.0155206709-419.49Order