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Nutrient Pad Sets in Petri Dishes

With suitable, sterile, single wrapped membrane filters, 47 or 50 mm Ø. For microbiological quality control.
Nutrient Pad Sets in Petri Dishes  Sartorius
TypeDetermination /
Filter typeØ
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
EndoE. coli and coliforms bacteria13906 (0.45 μm)471005055003-196.64Order
EndoE. coli and coliforms bacteria13906 (0.45 μm)501005055008-196.64Order
Standard TTCColony count13806 (0.45 μm)471005055004-196.64Order
Bismut sulfiteSalmonellae13806 (0.45 μm)471005055024-196.64Order
WortYeasts and moulds13005 (0.65 μm)501005055013-196.64Order
VLB-S7-Sbeer spoiling bacteria13906 (0.45 μm)501005055014-196.64Order
Glucose-TryptoneMesophilic bacteria13906 (0.45 μm)471005055179-196.64Order
Schaufus PottingerYeasts and moulds13905 (0.65 μm)471005055184-196.64Order
CetrimidePseudomonas aeruginosa13906 (0.45 μm)471005055187-196.64Order
CetrimidePseudomonas aeruginosa13906 (0.45 μm)501005055031-196.64Order
Yeast extractColony count13806 (0.45 μm)471005055201-196.64Order