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Accessories for Flame Photometer Type 410

Kleinfeld  Accessories for Flame Photometer Type 410
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Diluter model 80515775811-4,244.37Order
Compressor 851 - without water separator15775850-909.81Order
Compressor 856 - with water separator15775856-1,851.17Order
Lithium interference filter15775817-220.29Order
Calcium interference filter15775818-311.33Order
Barium interference filter15775819-478.80Order
Sodium interference filter15775821-220.29Order
Potassium interference filter15775822-220.29Order
Filter holder for Calcium and Barium filter15775826-196.54Order
Sodium solution, 1000 mg / l, 100 ml65775831-120.05Order
Potassium solution, 1000 mg / l, 100 ml65775832-120.05Order
Lithium solution, 1000 mg / l, 100 ml65775833-120.05Order
Calcium solution, 1000 mg / l, 100 ml65775834-120.05Order
Cleaning solution, 500 ml15775835-87.09Order
Tubing disinfectant, 100 ml65775836-120.05Order
Diluent concentrate, 100 ml65775837-80.44Order
Enzymatic cleaner and desinfectant, 5 g65430719-96.29Order