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Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic and Circulator

Sterile plastic bags.
  • Also for similar homogenisers / blenders.
  • Bag size approx. 18 x 30 cm.
  • Effective volume 50 to 300 ml.
Kleinfeld  Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic and Circulator
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Bags with straight bottomwithout filter5005570057+54.45Order
Bags with straight bottomwithout filter25005439056-205.20Order
Bags with straight bottomwithout filter, packed by 5 pcs.5005570046-84.15Order
Bags with straight bottomwithout filter, sealable2505570048-101.93Order
Bags with straight bottomfull filter (filter bag in bag)2005570047-105.75Order
Bags with straight bottomfleece filter, lateral, for pouring, porosity < 250 μm5005570052-175.50Order
Bags with straight bottomfleece filter, lateral, for pipetting, porosity < 250 μm5005570053-168.30Order
Bags with straight bottomcalibrated microperforated filter, porosity 63 μm5005436712-178.20Order
Bags with straight bottom, pocket for easy pipetting of small samplesfleece filter, lateral, PCR, porosity < 50 μm5005436713-178.20Order
Bags with straight bottom, for hard-to-blend-samples, extra resistantcalibrated microperforated filter, porosity 280 μm4005436714-183.60Order
Bags with straight bottomnon-woven filter, porosity < 250 μm5005436715-168.30Order
Bags with round bottomwithout filter5005570064-67.14Order
Bags with round bottomwithout filter, packed by 5 pcs.5005570066-90.00Order
Bags with round bottomwithout filter, sealable2505570068-102.77Order
Bags with round bottomfull filter (filter bag in bag)2005570067-106.20Order
Calibrated microperforated filterporosity 280 μm5005570055-168.30Order
Rack for 1 bagplastic15570051-90.37Order
Rack for 10 bagsplastic15570050-144.39Order
Rack (bag opener) for 1 bag 15570071-86.93Order
Simplettes / straws 20005436717-91.80Order