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Rosette Cells RZ

For homogenous and intense circulation of liquids caused by the shape of the vessel and its 3 sidearms. When placing the rosette cell into crushed ice, the sample will be effectively cooled because of an enlarged glass surface and improved circulation.
  • Material: glass.
Rosette Cells RZ  Bandelin
DescriptionInside Ø
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
RZ 125for HD 2070.2 / 2200.2 / 4050 / 4100 / 4200308515425150-256.98Order
RZ 240for HD 2070.2 / 2200.2 / 4050 / 4100 / 42004210015425151-279.87Order
RZ 3110for HD 2070.2 / 2200.2 / 4050 / 4100 / 4200 / 44005013515650261-268.42Order
RZ 4390for HD 2200.2 / 4200 / 44007520215425152-355.82Order
RZ 5660for HD 2200.2 / 4200 / 44009024315425153-394.31Order