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High-power ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning or sample preparation in aqueous fluids. Concentrated ultrasonic energy without irritating surface waves. Constant power and automatic frequency control always ensure optimum distribution of ultrasonic energy and reproducible results, regardless of the sizes of the pieces to be cleaned. Especially intense due to the advantageous frequency of 35 kHz.
  • Oscillating systems.
  • Ultrasonic-frequency 35 kHz, SweepTec®.
  • Time setting: 1 to 15 min, ± 5 % and continuous operation (∝).
  • H-types with adjustable temperature range: 30 to 80 °C.
  • Oscillating tank of st. steel.
  • Housing of st. steel: drip proof.
  • Drain cock included for easy emptying (from RK 102 H upward).
  • Mains supply: 230 V~, on request 115 V~, 50 / 60 Hz.
  • SONOREX SUPER units are RFI-proof and CE marked acc. to MPG.
SONOREX SUPER Compact Units  Bandelin
TypeInside dimens.
(L x W x D)
Drain ball
Ultrasonic nominal output
Outside dimensions
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
RK 31190 x 85 x 600.9-16040-205 x 100 x 1801.815877021-310.04Order
RK 52150 x 140 x 1001.8-24060-175 x 165 x 2252.615877052-541.01Order
RK 52 H150 x 140 x 1001.8-24060140175 x 165 x 2252.915877051-690.83Order
RK 100240 x 140 x 1003.0-32080-260 x 160 x 2503.415877100-599.27Order
RK 100 H240 x 140 x 1003.0-32080140260 x 160 x 2503.615877101-728.28Order
RK 102 H240 x 140 x 1003.0G 1/4480120140260 x 160 x 2504.315877103-1,038.32Order
RK 103 H240 x 140 x 1504.0G 1/4560140200260 x 160 x 3104.615877114-1,060.17Order
RK 106Ø 240 x 1305.6G 1/4480120-Ø 265 x 2705.515877106-920.75Order
RK 156500 x 140 x 1006.0G 1/4640160-530 x 165 x 2456.115877156-1,086.18Order
RK 156 BH500 x 140 x 1509.0G 1/4860215600530 x 165 x 3007.315877155-1,461.76Order
RK 255 H300 x 150 x 1505.5G 1/4640160280325 x 175 x 2955.315877256-1,193.34Order
RK 510300 x 240 x 1509.7G 1/2640160-325 x 265 x 3057.015877510-1,086.18Order
RK 510 H300 x 240 x 1509.7G 1/2640160400325 x 265 x 3057.615877511-1,338.99Order
RK 512 H300 x 240 x 20013.0G 1/2860215400325 x 265 x 3508.015877512-1,766.60Order
RK 514325 x 300 x 15013.5G 1/2860215-355 x 325 x 3058.215877540-1,562.68Order
RK 514 H325 x 300 x 15013.5G 1/2860215600355 x 325 x 3058.815877516-1,831.10Order
RK 514 BH325 x 300 x 20018.7G 1/2860215600355 x 325 x 3859.815877515-1,890.41Order
RK 1028500 x 300 x 20028.0G 1/21200300-535 x 325 x 40014.315877537-2,125.54Order
RK 1028 H500 x 300 x 20028.0G 1/212003001300535 x 325 x 40014.715877529-2,467.83Order
RK 1028 C500 x 300 x 30045.0G 1/22000500-540 x 340 x 50024.615877528-3,250.21Order
RK 1028 CH500 x 300 x 30045.0G 1/212003001450540 x 340 x 50023.715429346-3,148.25Order
RK 1040Ø 500 x 19538.0G 1/21200300-Ø 540 x 50020.515877108-2,992.19Order
RK 1050 CH600 x 500 x 30090.0G 1/224006001950640 x 540 x 53037.015429347-4,668.27Order
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