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EK Immersion Coolers
Thermo Scientific

These coolers are ideal for the following applications:
  • Cool smaller volumes down to - 90 °C.
  • Remove reaction heat.
  • Replace tap water cooling.

The lowest reachable temperature depends upon:
  • The quantity of liquid.
  • The type of liquid and its viscosity.
  • The bath insulation.

Immersion Coolers EK20 / EK30:
Used together with the Thermo Scientific open bath circulators, the immersion coolers EK20 and EK30 provide an alternative to cost-expensive tap water cooling. The EK20 is designed for baths with a depth of 15 cm and the EK30 of at least 20 cm. Any other vessels can also of course be cooled. The end temperatures of - 25 or - 30 °C were reached in a 5 l Dewar vessel.

Immersion Cooler EK45:
This multi-purpose cooler has its own controller with digital temperature display, reaching temperatures down to - 45 °C in a 5 l Dewar vessel. The controller enables a temperature accuracy of approx. 1 to 2 °C. Improvement is possible using a stirrer.

Immersion Cooler EK90:
As the EK45, but for temperatures down to - 90 °C. The cooling coil is flexible and can therefore be adapted to suit virtually any bath shape. The minimum Ø of the vessel to be cooled is 110 mm.
Hose length:1500 mm
EK Immersion Coolers  Thermo Scientific
Cooling capacity at
20 / 0 / - 20 °C
Ø x l
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
EK20- 25 to + 15030081 x 145230 x 460 x 3802216015695221-on demand 
EK30- 30 to + 15040081 x 195230 x 460 x 3802327015695222-on demand 
EK45- 45 to + 4035081 x 195230 x 460 x 3803030015695224-5,006.93Order
EK90- 90 to + 4030013 x 900380 x 460 x 4906075015695223-6,987.00Order