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Accessories for BioPhotometer®

Accessories for BioPhotometer®  Eppendorf
Accessories for BioPhotometer®  EppendorfAccessories for BioPhotometer®  Eppendorf    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
μCuvette™ G1.0micro-volume cell, 180 to 2000 nm, ≥ 1.5 μldsDNA, ≥ 3 μl proteine15433330-1,583.00Order
UVette®80 original Eppendorf disposable cuvettes, single sealed805776547+47.26Order
UVette® routine packEppendorf quality purity level, recloseable box2005776554+99.14Order
Adapterfor photometer, light center height 8.5 mm15776548-54.36Order
Adapterfor photometer, light center height 10 mm15776549-54.36Order
Adapterfor photometer, light center height 15 mm15776550-54.36Order
Adapterfor photometer, light center height 20 mm15145008-54.36Order
Adapterfor photometer, GeneQuant I / II15776551-54.36Order
Starter set*80 x UVette® + 1 adapter for 15 mm center height, incl. GeneQuant805776552-70.89Order
Cuvette rackcuvettes25444748-35.11Order
Thermal paper5 rolls, for thermal printer DPU-S44555428483-42.88Order
BioPhotometer® D30 reference filter setfor control of wavelengths- / photometric accuracy15433523-1,164.12Order
BioSpectrometer® reference filter kitfor control of wavelengths- / photometric accuracy (acc. to NIST®)15431216-1,359.93Order
BioSpectrometer® fluorescence reference filter kitfor control of wavelengths- / photometric accuracy (acc. to NIST®) and of fluorimetric precision a15447841-2,493.47Order
Macro Vis cuvettes 300 to 900 nmplastic cuvette for measurements in the Vis range, max. 4500 μl10005436707-97.49Order
Semi-micro Vis cuvettes 300 to 900 nmplastic cuvette for measurements in the Vis range, max. 3000 μl10005436708-103.28Order
* Convertible to 8.5 mm.