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Colony Counter BZG 40

The colony counter BZG 40 allows safe and easy work with its reliable counting mechanism: the support of the Petri dishes is pressure sensitive; a touch with a pen triggers the counting impulse. The sensitivity can be individually adjusted. All measurements can be stored and transferred to a PC.

The BZG 40 has an optical and / or acoustic counting monitor and an automatic weight compensation for different Petri dishes. The pressure sensor system provides a balanced sensitivity over the entire working surface. The Single Mode allows the measurement of single samples; the Multi Mode provides measurement and averaging of up to 20 Petri dishes. All data will be stored on demand on a SD card. The white light LED illumination guarantees a long life span, the magnifier gives an undistorted view and can be positioned to individual needs. The separately switchable back or side illumination for direct and indirect illumination can be adapted to dark or light colonies. The direct illumination is well suited for dark nutrient media, the indirect illumination for light ones. The BZG 40 has additionally an input for an external counting pen and an exchangeable grid (Wolffhügel grid).
Technical Data:
Display:LED graphic display 0 to 999 with reset to 0
Standard magnifier:1.7-fold surface magnification
Illumination:white light LED (background / side illumination, separately switchable, brightness adjustable)
Counting area Ø:120 mm
Memory:2 GB SD card (optionally)
Interface:RS232, USB-B
Mains supply:universal power supply 100 to 240 V, ± 15 %, 50 to 60 Hz
Dimensions without magnifier holder (W x D x H):260 x 3330 x 110 mm
Weight:4.5 kg
Colony Counter BZG 40  WTW
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