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Microbiological Safety Cabinets HERAsafe™ KS / KSP
Thermo Scientific

The Class II safety cabinets HERAsafe™ KS convince with optimum product and personnel protection and user-orientated design. The frameless slanted window does not obscure the view of the work area. The front window design makes it easy to work in a relaxed posture. The large work aperture with a height of more than 250 mm ensures ease of handling. The eye-level display on the rear wall is unique. All parameters and operating functions can be conveniently monitored from a seated position. For the first time, all parameters are set by a remote control. For contamination prevention within the safe area the remote control can be used with a bag.
  • Without underframe.

HERAsafe™ KSP models are tested and certified in accordance with DIN 12950-Part 10 and DIN 12980 and provide max. product, personal, environmental and cross-contamination protection. A higher degree of safety is achieved through additional HEPA filters, placed beneath the table-top. These prefilters can be exchanged with an extremely low risk of contamination inside the cabinet. Modular options and an extensive range of accessories supplement the range.
  • With underframe.
Microbiological Safety Cabinets HERAsafe™ KS / KSP  Thermo Scientific
TypeOutside dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
HERAsafe™ KS 121300 x 800 x 15861200 x 465 x 78015536568-13,582.58Order
HERAsafe™ KS 151600 x 800 x 15861500 x 465 x 78015536569-17,144.93Order
HERAsafe™ KS 181900 x 800 x 15861800 x 465 x 78015536570-17,422.88Order
HERAsafe™ KSP 91000 x 870 x 1580900 x 465 x 78015536660-20,022.60Order
HERAsafe™ KSP 121300 x 870 x 15801200 x 465 x 78015536661-19,562.33Order
HERAsafe™ KSP 151600 x 870 x 15801500 x 465 x 78015536662-23,351.63Order
HERAsafe™ KSP 181900 x 870 x 15801800 x 465 x 78015536663-24,361.43Order
Accessories and racks are available on request.
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