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Brushes for Extraordinary Hygienical Requirements

For every sector and every application the right brush.
  • Material: PP / PBTP.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • Cold-resistant up to - 20 °C.

Hand brush:
With short handle, soft bristles, very water absorbable.

Washing brush:
With soft bristles, ideal for cleaning of tables, containers or buckets. With hole for hanging up.

Nail brush:
Very solid, with hard bristles, hole for hanging up.

Washing-up brush:
With long handle, medium.
Brushes for Extraordinary Hygienical Requirements
Brushes for Extraordinary Hygienical RequirementsBrushes for Extraordinary Hygienical Requirements    
(H x W x L)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Hand brushyellowwith bevel bristles, soft, 53 mm50 x 70 x 24515430734-on demand 
Hand brushbluewith bevel bristles, soft, 53 mm50 x 70 x 24515430735-on demand 
Washing brush, smallyellowsoft bristles, 26 mm45 x 50 x 17015430737-on demand 
Washing brush, smallbluesoft bristles, 26 mm45 x 50 x 17015430738-on demand 
Nail brushyellowhard bristles, 15 mm38 x 45 x 11815430739-on demand 
Nail brushbluehard bristles, 15 mm38 x 45 x 11815430740-on demand 
Washing-up brush, largeyellowsoft bristles, 33 mm50 x 43 x 41015430741-on demand 
Washing-up brush, largebluesoft bristles, 33 mm50 x 43 x 41015430742-on demand 
Washing-up brush, smallyellowsoft bristles, 23 mm35 x 60 x 22515430743-on demand 
Washing-up brush, smallbluesoft bristles, 23 mm35 x 60 x 22515430744-on demand 
Please note: soft, splitted bristles are not fulfilling the official hygienic requirements.
Further colours on request.