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Doctors Surgery First-Aid Kit, Occupational Medicine

Complete emergency case with equipment for all emergency situations in the office or on site. Sufficient space for medicines or the doctors personal equipment.
  • Case dimensions: approx. 400 x 300 x 150 mm, ABS thermoplastic, colour orange.
  • Including wall bracket with a 90° stop-arrest-facility.
  • With safety locks, handle, adjustable inner partitioning, covers.

Items supplied:
Oxygen cylinder with adjustable pressure regulator, oxygen mask and cannula, resuscitation bag with PEEP-valve, oxygen reservoir and clear face mask, hand suction pump and accessories, injection, infusion equipment, wound treatment and diagnostics.
SÖHNGEN®  Doctors Surgery First-Aid Kit, Occupational Medicine
SÖHNGEN®  Doctors Surgery First-Aid Kit, Occupational MedicineSÖHNGEN®  Doctors Surgery First-Aid Kit, Occupational Medicine    
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