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Microcentrifuges 5424 R

The variable 24-place Eppendorf microcentrifuge with its four rotors fits perfectly into every molecular and biological lab. The microcentrifuge is optionally equipped with an aerosol tight rotor (FA-45-24-11). It can be operated without the rotor lid for customer convenience without any significant increase in noise level.
  • Optional rotor 24 x 2.0 ml, aerosol-tight, coated for even better chemical resistance.
  • 18 place Kit Rotor.
  • Optional 4 x PCR 8-tube strip rotor.
  • Choice of 4 different rotors.
  • Available optionally with turning knobs or membrane keypad.
  • Knob version for faster setting of parameters.
  • Foil version for easier cleaning of the display.
  • Automatic lid opening following application sequence.
  • Low access height.

5424 R:
Cooled version.
  • Fast Temp for fast pre-cooling of the centrifuge.
  • Small footprint and low access height of 26 cm.
  • Temperature range: - 10 to + 40 °C.
  • Assured temperature of 4 °C at max. speed.
Technical Data:
Power supply:230 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Max. rcf:20238 x g (5424)
21130 x g (5424 R)
Max. min-1:14680 min-1 (5424)
15000 min-1 (5424 R)
Dimension (W x D x H):236 x 320 x 227 mm (5424)
290 x 480 x 260 mm (5424 R)
Weight without rotor:13.4 kg (5424)
21 kg (5424 R)
No. of rotors:4
Max. capacity:24 x 2 ml
Acceleration time to max. min-1:15 s
Braking time to max. min-1:16 s
Noise level:< 51 dB(A) (5424)
< 54 dB(A) (5424 R)
Power requirement:250 W (5424)
350 W (5424 R)
Run-time:30 s to 9:59 h
Eppendorf  Microcentrifuges 5424 R
Eppendorf  Microcentrifuges 5424 REppendorf  Microcentrifuges 5424 R    
DescriptionSpecificationTypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Centrifuge 5424without cooling, foil, aerosol-tight, incl. rotor FA-45-24-11IVD version*15944562-2,474.07Order
Centrifuge 5424without cooling, knob, without rotorIVD version*15944563-1,964.28Order
Centrifuge 5424without cooling, foil, without rotorIVD version*15944564-1,964.28Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rwith cooling, knob, aerosol-tight, incl. rotor FA-45-24-11IVD version*15424971-5,218.65Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rwith cooling, foil, aerosol-tight, incl. rotor FA-45-24-11IVD version*15424972-5,218.65Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rwith cooling, knob, without rotorIVD version*15424973-4,855.55Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rwith cooling, foil, without rotorIVD version*15424974-4,855.55Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rcooled, with rotor FA-45-24-11, knobsGeneral Lab Product version15196744-4,971.03Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rcooled, with rotor FA-45-24-11, foil padGeneral Lab Product version15196677-4,971.03Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rcooled, without rotor, knobsGeneral Lab Product version15445746-4,623.54Order
Centrifuge 5424 Rcooled, without rotor, foil padGeneral Lab Product version15445745-4,623.54Order
Acc. to directive 98/79/EG of the European Parliament and Council of 27th October, 1998. For single use and usage by qualified personnel, only.
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