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Autoclavable Bags BIOHAZARD - Warning Instruction and Sterilisation Indicator Patch

Polyethylene (PE):
Distinctive red autoclavable bags for easy identification, for the disposal of contaminated labware.
  • Rectangle white indicator patch field turns into dark when autoclaved.
  • With BIOHAZARD symbol and safety imprint in English, German, French and Spanish languages.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C, for autoclaving, the bag must not be completely closed.
  • Practical bench-top stand, plastic-coated, with 3 rubber feet
  • Only in large bagy autoclaving.

Polypropylene (PP):
Distinctive red autoclavable bags for easy identification, for the disposal of contaminated labware.
  • Rectangle white indicator patch field turns into dark when autoclaved.
  • With BIOHAZARD sticker and safety imprint in German, English and French language.
  • Autoclavable at 134 °C, for autoclaving, the bag must not be completely closed.
  • Marking maximum filling.
ratiolab®  Autoclavable Bags BIOHAZARD - Warning Instruction and Sterilisation Indicator Patch
ratiolab®  Autoclavable Bags BIOHAZARD - Warning Instruction and Sterilisation Indicator Patchratiolab®  Autoclavable Bags BIOHAZARD - Warning Instruction and Sterilisation Indicator Patchratiolab®  Autoclavable Bags BIOHAZARD - Warning Instruction and Sterilisation Indicator Patch   
(W x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
210 x 2901.5PE2010005438763-142.53Order
500 x 3008PP505005404095-189.04Order
780 x 40038PP505005404096-251.36Order
800 x 60060PP505005404097-289.34Order
1100 x 700110PP503505404098-305.15Order
400 x 78038PP505005195869-258.75Order
600 x 80060PP505005445920-311.50Order