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aeroject® ultra tips - Pipette Tips with Aerosol Barrier

Pipette tips with special filters, to effectively prevent the pipettor shaft from contamination with aerosols and liquids to be sucked into the pipettor.
  • Sterilised.
  • Free of RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, pyrogens, low retention.
  • Free of human DNA and PCR inhibitors.
  • Pipette tips and aerosol filters made of ultra-hydrophobic PEHD.
  • Min. retention due to special surface treatment.
  • Perfect and tight fit on all major pipettor brands.
  • Packed in plastic racks with hinged lids.
ratiolab®  aeroject® ultra tips - Pipette Tips with Aerosol Barrier
ratiolab®  aeroject® ultra tips - Pipette Tips with Aerosol Barrierratiolab®  aeroject® ultra tips - Pipette Tips with Aerosol Barrier    
PackingPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
aeroject® ultra tips xl0.1 to 1045.20racks 10 x 969605434879-81.67Order
aeroject® ultra tips1 to 2050.80racks 10 x 969605434880-81.67Order
aeroject® ultra tips1 to 10050.80racks 10 x 969605434881-81.67Order
aeroject® ultra tips1 to 20050.80racks 10 x 969605434882-81.67Order
aeroject® ultra tips100 to 100070.10racks 10 x 606005434883-58.37Order
aeroject® ultra tips100 to 100086.00racks 10 x 969606370387+83.86Order