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Cryo Boxes

Ultra low temperature resistant cardboard.
  • Available with a water-repellent finish or with a water-resistant plastic coating.
  • Temperature resistant down to - 80 °C.
  • For the sample storage even at ultra low temperatures.
  • Highest flexibility: cryo boxes can be combined with different grid inserts for tubes from 6 to 28,5 mm Ø.
  • Can be used for larger vessels if the grid is removed.
ratiolab®  Cryo Boxes
ratiolab®  Cryo Boxesratiolab®  Cryo Boxes    
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Whitestandard134 x 67 x 5015422098+2.52Order
Whitestandard75 x 75 x 50105422911+32.36Order
Whitestandard136 x 136 x 5015400400-1.24Order
Bluestandard136 x 136 x 5015400402-1.61Order
Redstandard136 x 136 x 5015400404+1.61Order
Greenstandard136 x 136 x 5015400403-1.61Order
Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 5015400401-1.61Order
Whitestandard136 x 136 x 7515400405+1.77Order
Bluestandard136 x 136 x 7515400407-2.07Order
Greenstandard136 x 136 x 7515400408-2.07Order
Redstandard136 x 136 x 7515400409-2.07Order
Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 7515400406-2.07Order
Whitestandard136 x 136 x 10015400410+3.58Order
Bluestandard136 x 136 x 10015400412-3.96Order
Redstandard136 x 136 x 10015400414-3.96Order
Greenstandard136 x 136 x 10015400413-3.96Order
Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 10015400411+3.96Order
Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 5015400415+1.36Order
Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 5015400416-1.70Order
Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 5015400417-1.70Order
Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 5015400419-1.70Order
Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 7515400420-1.89Order
Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 7515400421-2.30Order
Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 7515400422-2.30Order
Greenplastic coated136 x 136 x 7515400423-2.30Order
Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 7515400424-2.30Order
Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 10015400425-3.97Order
Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 10015400426-4.54Order
Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 10015400427-4.54Order
Greenplastic coated136 x 136 x 10015400428-4.54Order
Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 10015400429-4.54Order
Other colours are available in the webshop.
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