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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Ziegra-Eismaschinen Ziegra CoolNat

ChipIce Makers

ZIEGRA ice is perfect for universities, medical labs, hospitals (human and animals health), physio, medical spa, sport and wellness. Different ice types are available depending on the application (standard ice and micro ice). Consistent ice temperature at - 0.5 °C, no forming of clusters even when stored for several days and easy to take from the ice bin. Strong, durable and hygienic st. steel design (all surfaces). High quality components and state of the art refrigeration technology safeguard reliability, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

ZIEGRA ice can be made from tap water or demineralised water with no surcharge in price. Various customised solutions possible, accessories for hygiene, various equipment and special voltages available.
Technical Data:
Refrigerant:R290CoolNat (natural refrigerant)
alternative R452A / R404A
Condenser:air cooled (water cooled optionally)
Certification:CE standards
Warranty:2 years in Germany
Life time service:availability of spare parts min. 15 years
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz ~1 / N / PE
ZIEGRA  ChipIce Makers
ZIEGRA  ChipIce MakersZIEGRA  ChipIce Makers    
24 h
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ChipIce maker ZBE 30-103010400 x 500 x 7103006015580103-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 30-10CoolNat3010400 x 500 x 7103006015444284-5,097.96Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 70-357035460 x 600 x 9103007015580104-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 70-35CoolNat7035460 x 600 x 9103007015444285-5,254.02Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 70-100CoolNat70100700 x 700 x 156030013019580105-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 70-100CoolNat70100700 x 700 x 156030013015445225-7,022.70Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 110-3511035460 x 600 x 9104008015580110-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 110-35CoolNat11035460 x 600 x 9104008016378285-5,930.28Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 150-100150100700 x 700 x 156080013015580113-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 150-100CoolNat150100700 x 700 x 156080013015444286-7,698.96Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 150-200150200700 x 700 x 196080015015436825-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 150-200CoolNat150200700 x 700 x 196080015015444287-8,271.18Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 250-100250100700 x 700 x 156080014015436826-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 250-100CoolNat250100700 x 700 x 156080014015444288-7,969.46Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 250-200250200700 x 700 x 196080016015436827-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 250-200CoolNat250200700 x 700 x 196080016015444289-8,541.68Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 350-100350100700 x 700 x 1560120015015436828-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 350-100CoolNat350100700 x 700 x 1560120015015445226-8,697.74Order
ChipIce maker ZBE 350-200350200700 x 700 x 1960120017015436829-on demand 
ChipIce maker ZBE 350-200CoolNat350200700 x 700 x 1960120017015445227-9,269.96Order
Various customised solutions possible.
Accessories for hygiene, various equipment and special voltages available.
Other models on request