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MN 645 - Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Often used in Soxhlet extractors or automised extractors. Typically employed where multiple extraction cycles are required to dissolve the desired compound. Extraction units equipped with MN extraction thimbles minimise the hands-on time and ensure a complete extraction.
MACHEREY-NAGEL  MN 645 - Cellulose Extraction Thimbles
Inner Ø x height
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
8 x 40255043800-76.26Order
9 x 50255043801-76.26Order
15 x 50255043802-76.26Order
15 x 100255043803-76.26Order
20 x 80255043804-76.26Order
22 x 80255043805-76.26Order
23 x 90255043806-76.26Order
23 x 100255043807-76.26Order
27 x 60255043808-76.26Order
27 x 80255043809-76.26Order
27 x 100255043810-76.26Order
28 x 80255043811-76.26Order
28 x 90255043812-76.26Order
28 x 100255043813-76.26Order
28 x 120255043814-89.16Order
29 x 100255043815-89.16Order
30 x 60255043816-76.26Order
30 x 80255043817-76.26Order
30 x 90255043818-91.45Order
30 x 100255043819+91.45Order
30 x 150255043820-112.36Order
31 x 118255043821-110.28Order
31 x 130255043822-110.28Order
33 x 80255043823+82.50Order
33 x 94255043824+91.45Order
33 x 205255043825-149.82Order
34 x 120255043826-110.28Order
34 x 150255043827-133.17Order
38 x 200255043828-175.83Order
40 x 123255043829-142.53Order
40 x 150255043830-142.53Order
43 x 130255043831-142.53Order
48 x 145255043832-171.67Order
48 x 200255043833-198.72Order
48 x 230255043834-200.80Order
51 x 145255043835-189.35Order
51 x 180255043836-204.96Order
55 x 275255043837-250.74Order
57 x 315255043838-298.59Order
60 x 180255043839-200.80Order
68 x 250255043840-267.38Order
70 x 330255043841-330.85Order
75 x 160255043842-227.85Order