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pH Combination Electrode with Sensor Recognition BlueLine 14 pH ID
SI Analytics®

The compact BlueLine range is a basic series comprising electrodes for usual laboratory applications. An accurate and fast measurement is ensured. Made of high quality material e. g. low-resistance A-type membrane glass for general, L-type glass for special applications, the unique platinum diaphragm and others.

The BlueLine family comprises the robust electrodes with gel electrolyte and plastic shaft for general use, the liquid-electrolyte sensors for more critical measurements and special sensors. The gel and the liquid electrolyte sensors are available with different connections (e. g. plug head or fixed cable with either DIN or BNC type plug), with different cable lengths and optionally with built-in temperature sensors (NTC 30 kΩ or Pt 1000). The special electrodes range includes pH electrodes for surface measurements, for small sample amounts, for ultrapure water and emulsions or measurements in semi-solid samples (insert measurements).
Zero point:pH = 7.0 ± 0.3
Reference system:Ag / AgCI
Electrode recognition, glass shaft, Ag / AgCI-reference system, cone membrane, A-glass.
Technical Data:

- 5 to + 100 °C, 0 to 14 pH
Connection:1 m fixed cable with DIN- and 4 mm banana plug and recognition
Temperature sensor:NTC 30 kΩ
Length / Ø:120 mm / 12 mm
Electrolyte:KCI 3 mol / l
pH Combination Electrode with Sensor Recognition BlueLine 14 pH ID  SI Analytics®
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Blue Line 14 pH ID15041094-239.36Order