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CryoPure Tubes

CryoPure. Cryo tube with white QuickSeal screw cap, sterile, pyrogen-free, non-mutagenic and non-cytotoxic.
SARSTEDT  CryoPure Tubes
Nominal volume
VersionColourPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1.0external threadwhite5005380205-196.64Order
1.0external threadred5005380206-196.64Order
1.0external threadyellow5005380207-196.64Order
1.0external threadgreen5005380208-196.64Order
1.0external threadviolet5005380209-196.64Order
1.8external threadwhite5005380210-196.64Order
1.8external threadred5005380211-196.64Order
1.8external threadyellow5005380212-196.64Order
1.8external threadgreen5005380213-196.64Order
1.8external threadviolet5005380214-196.64Order
4.5external threadwhite2505380215-109.24Order
4.5external threadred2505380216-109.24Order
4.5external threadyellow2505380217-109.24Order
4.5external threadgreen2505380218-109.24Order
4.5external threadviolet2505380219-109.24Order
1.6internal threadwhite20005380220-815.67Order
1.6internal threadred5005380221-203.92Order
1.6internal threadyellow5005380222-203.92Order
1.6internal threadgreen5005380223-203.92Order
1.6internal threadviolet5005380224-203.92Order
Colour-coded plates for CryoPure tubes / Sarstedt