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96 Well Stripwell™ Microtitration Plates

  • PS. For in vitro diagnostic assays. The flat bottom strips are designed to easily break apart and are pre-assembled in an "egg-crate" style strip holder that allows each individual well to be positioned back into the plate once broken.
  • With flat bottom PS format.
  • Low volume and standard Stripwell™ microtitration plates have well volumes of 190 µl and 360 µl, respectively.
  • 1 x 8 strips are designed to fit only one way into the strip holder, eliminating the chance of misorientation.
96 Well Stripwell™ Microtitration Plates  Corning®
96 Well Stripwell™ Microtitration Plates  Corning®96 Well Stripwell™ Microtitration Plates  Corning®    
DescriptionColourTreatmentQty. /
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Stripwell™ low volumeclearhigh25100CORN2481-612.04Order
Stripwell™ low volumeblackmedium25100CORN2482-624.62Order
Stripwell™ low volumeblackhigh25100CORN2483-638.40Order
Stripwell™ low volumewhitemedium25100CORN2484-652.21Order
Stripwell™ low volumewhitehigh25100CORN2485-666.07Order
Standard Stripwell™**clearhigh200800CORN2580-350.15Order
Standard Stripwell™*clearhigh25100CORN2592+444.18Order
Standard Stripwell™*clearmedium25100CORN2593-444.18Order
Standard Stripwell™whitemedium25100CORN3913-560.25Order
Standard Stripwell™blackmedium25100CORN3914-560.25Order
Standard Stripwell™whitehigh25100CORN3923-560.08Order
Standard Stripwell™blackhigh25100CORN3924-560.08Order
* With certified surface chemistry.
** Individual 1 x 8 strips without frame, bulk packed.