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CO2 Incubator C16

The compact construction of the small CO2 Incubator C16 allows secure incubation of cell cultures at limited space. The C16 is especially suitable for temporary incubation directly at workstation or bench.
  • For smooth flow of laboratory processes and convenient working.
  • Extremely short recovery times by optimised microprocessor control.
  • Low consumption for economical operation.
  • 16 l inner volume.
  • Intelligent temperature system for dry inner chamber without condensation points.
  • Direct heated inner chamber and glass door for optimal homogeneous temperature distribution.
  • Temperature adjustable between 27 and 42 °C at min. 5 °C above room temperature.
CO2 Measurement:
  • Innovative double beam infrared sensor for constantly precise CO2 measurement.zero
  • CO2 measurement is independent from temperature and humidity.
  • Low consequential cost through almost wear-free sensor.
  • Exact measurement always against zero value.
  • Range between 0 and 10 % CO2.
  • Internal water reservoir, seamless inside the bottom.
  • Short recovery time through small inner chamber.
  • Water level control through glass door.
  • Seamless inner chamber of electro polished stainless steel with coved corners for easy cleaning and reduction of contamination risk.
  • All fixtures are easy removable and autoclavable.
  • Optical and acoustic alarm if set point deviation or sensor defect occurs.
  • Door and air monitoring.
  • Hardware self-test.
  • Remote alarm (potential free).
  • Documentation of process parameters through RS485-interface with „LaboDat"-software.
Dimensions (W x H x D):290 x 480 x 330 mm
Inner volume:16 l
Interior (W x D):2 shelves 200 x 300 mm
Mains supply:230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz or 115 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 60 W; approx. 25 W continous operation
Ambient temperature:18 to 30 °C
Inlet pressure for gas:0.8 bar
Labotect  CO2 Incubator C16
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CO2 incubator C1615536151-on demand