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High Temperature Hotplates PZ 28-3T / PZ 28-3TD

Reach their max. temperature of 600 °C within about 20 min. The upper plate consists of titanium. Owing to a special insulation the device can be placed even on surfaces sensitive to heat. Metal sheets all around keep the casing temperature to a minimum. The insulated snap-lid ensures little loss of heat and short times of warming. Between the closed lid (inner surface Ceran®) and the heating plate remain 26 mm*, enabling an intensive heating of plain parts at high precise temperatures. The whole casing is made of st. steel. The temperature regulator is connected by 2 plugged cables. PZ 28-3T is available either with a temperature contoller or with a programmer. The temperature controller keeps the device constant to an adjusted temperature within the whole range. The programmer allows the control of certain programmes incl. phases of heating up, constant temperature and cooling.
Technical Data:
Titanium plate size:280 x 200 mm
Constant heating area:230 x 160 mm
Max. temperature:600 °C
Mains supply:220 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Power:2000 W
Spread of temperature:± 2 K
Overall dimensions:350 x 300 mm
Height without / with cover:110 / 145 mm
Weight without / with cover:8 / 10 kg
Gestigkeit  High Temperature Hotplates PZ 28-3T / PZ 28-3TD
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
High temperature hotplate PZ 28-3TD with cover15645755-1,633.43Order
High temperature hotplate PZ 28-3T without cover15645756-1,423.27Order
* Covers for more effective height on request.
For controller / programmer please see Order No. 5645757 and 5645758