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Single Beam UV / VIS Spectrophotometers Biowave DNA

  • Modes of operation: single wavelength in absorbance, concentration using factor or single standard.
  • Pre-stored methods for life science applications: DNA, RNA, oligo, protein-direct UV, BCA, Bradford, Lowry, biuret and cell density measurement.
  • Display: Graphical LCD.
  • Method storage for up to 9 methods.
  • Accepts 10 x 10 mm semi-micro, micro and ultra micro cuvettes (10 µl min volume).
  • Optional built in printer or print via computer (PC) software to allow data storage / printout via any Windows computer.
Technical Data:
Wavelength range:200 to 900 nm
Photometric measuring range:0 to 2.5 A
Light source:pulsed xenon
Spectral bandwidth:5 nm
Dimensions:260 x 390 x 100 mm
Weight:approx. 4.5 kg
Biochrom  Single Beam UV / VIS Spectrophotometers Biowave DNA
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Biowave DNA1F4060274-on demand 
Biowave DNA with printer1F4060273-on demand