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Handheld Refractometers Type Master

This series of hand held refractometers feature functions such as easy-to read, easy-to-hold and the Automatic Sample Distribution (A.S.D.) which is a prism housing design that allows for a sample to cover the prism without having to lift the daylight plate for fast and easy sample measurements and disposals.
Alpha:with ATC* and splash water protection (acc. to IP 65, except eyepiece)
T:with ATC*, without splash water protection
M:without ATC*, without splash water protection
P:plastic casing, acid-resistant
H:temperature-resistant up to 100 °C
ATAGO®  Handheld Refractometers Type Master
% Brix
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Master-M0 to 330.233 x 33 x 20416015801391-on demand 
Master-2 Alpha28 to 620.233 x 33 x 20416015801395-on demand 
Master-2M28 to 620.233 x 33 x 20416015801394-on demand 
Master-3T58 to 900.233 x 33 x 20416015423996-on demand 
Master-4T45 to 820.233 x 33 x 16812015423998-175.56Order
Master-4M45 to 820.233 x 33 x 16812015423999-156.78Order
Master-53 Alpha0 to 530.233 x 33 x 16812015424000-230.76Order
Master-53T0 to 530.533 x 33 x 16812015424001-175.56Order
Master-53M0 to 530.533 x 33 x 16812015801385-156.78Order
Master-10 Alpha0 to 100.533 x 33 x 20416015424002-on demand 
Master-10M0 to 100.133 x 33 x 20416015424004-on demand 
Master-20 Alpha0 to 200.133 x 33 x 20416015424005-230.76Order
Master-20T0 to 200.133 x 33 x 20416015424006-175.56Order
Master-20M0 to 200.133 x 33 x 20416015424007-156.78Order
Master-50H0 to 500.533 x 33 x 16812015801387-278.24Order
Master-80H30 to 800.533 x 33 x 16812015801388-278.24Order
Master-93H45 to 930.533 x 33 x 16812015801389-278.24Order
Master-100H60 to 1000.533 x 33 x 16812015424008-278.24Order
Master-P Alpha0 to 330.233 x 33 x 20410015424009-on demand 
Master-PM0 to 330.233 x 33 x 20410015424010-on demand 
Master-5000 to 901.033 x 33 x 16813015436969-278.24Order
* Automatic temperature compensation.