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Mini Incubator 4010 / Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020

Due to their compact build, both models require only little space and are therefore very well suited for versatile applications directly on the workbench. Furthermore, their lift-up, see-through acrylic glass covers permit a clear view of the cultures in the interior cabinet.
  • Temperature regulation: electronical, microprocessor-controlled.
  • Temperature setting and display: digital LED, in 0.1 °C increments.
  • Temperature range: approx. 8 °C above ambient to + 60 °C.
  • Temperature constancy (temporal): ± 0.2 °C at 40 °C.
  • Soft-touch keys with clear symbols.
  • The ventilator ensures optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior.
  • Over-temperature cut-out: electronical / dependent on the set value,
with visual alarm at 4 °C above the set value and electro-mechanical > 135 °C.
  • Electronical monitoring.

Mini Incubator 4010:
The Mini incubator is very well suited for incubations that require exactly reproducible temperatures, also for tempering, warming and drying of samples. Perforated tray and bottom tray made of st. steel.

Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020:
The Mini tube roller incubator is universally applicable for incubations and hybridisations. It is equipped with a variable, removable flask rotating device, and provides even results and high resolutions of the detections even when in continuous use due to its constant frequency of 13 min-1. Disposes of a removable bottle rotating device, consisting of 4 parallel rotating axles each with 2 rubber rollers that can be moved along the axle. Hybridisation bottles with Ø 32 to 76 mm can be placed individually or in pairs (even with different Ø) between the rubber rollers; the use of 2 roller bottles for cell cultures with Ø 110 mm and 285 mm length is possible. To place bottles of different Ø, the outer axles can be placed into pre-fabricated seats without the use of tools.
  • The units bear the TÜV-, CE- and EAC marks.
Technical Data:
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H):280 x 510 x 280 mm
Type of motion (4020):rotating 13 min-1, fixed
Max. load:4010: 5 kg
4020: 3 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
4010: 330 W
4020: 360 W
Weight:4010: 10.1 kg
4020: 11.7 kg
Mini Incubator 4010 / Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020  GFL
TypeInside dimension
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
4010 - Mini incubator230 x 310 x 1701215535605-1,446.16Order
4020 - Mini tube roller incubator230 x 300 x 1401015535607-1,937.22Order
* Other voltages are available on request.
Special hybridisation bottles for mini tube roller incubator 4020 / GFL