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Binocular Microscopes Primo Star

Powerful entry into education and routine.
Robust and easy to use, equipped with excellent optics and a stunning price / value relation the Primo Star comes in different packages.
  • 4-times objective revolver stand directed.
  • Plan objectives 4 x, 10 x, 40 x and 100 x oil, phase contrast also optional available.
  • Bino tube 30°, photo optional.
  • Wide field eyepieces 10 x, either FOV 18 or 20 mm, eyepiece micrometer as accessory.
  • Optional adaptation for C-mount or digital consumer camera.
  • XY table with clamp, drive R / L.
  • Adjustable 30 W HAL (ogenlamp) or optional LED or iLED fluorescence, power supply can be put into mount on the back of the instrument for storage.
  • Easy to use Fix-Köhler-illumination (outdoor mirror available) or Full-Köhler.
  • Optional: convertible to standard routine fluorescence microscope via modular iLED attachment.
Binocular Microscopes Primo Star  Zeiss
Binocular Microscopes Primo Star  ZeissBinocular Microscopes Primo Star  Zeiss    
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* Incl. rechargeable battery supply unit for outdoor applications.
Accessories for binocular microscopes Primo Star / Zeiss, Göttingen