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Laboratory Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LDplus

Universal laboratory freeze dryer for routine applications with new user friendly unit control 'Lyo Display LDplus'.
  • Graphic LC display with a clear layout showing the most important process data (ice condenser temperature, process time, section time and vacuum).
  • Comfortable and self-explaining menu guidance in German, English or French language.
  • Vacuum control for optimisation / reduction of process times (electromagnetic pressure control valve available as accessory).
  • Conversion of product temperature and vacuum according to the vapour pressure curve above ice.
  • RS232 communication interface (PC) available as an option, e. g. process documentation software LyoLog LL-1.
  • Equipped with 12 rubber valves for flasks and 3 unheated shelves for drying in dishes. Unit comes complete and ready for start-up with vacuum pump (6 m³ / h suction capacity).
  • Universal applicable accessories for almost all drying applications such as flasks, dishes, ampoules, injection bottles available.
Technical Data:
Ice capacity:4 kg
Ice condenser temperature:- 55 °C
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions basic unit (W X D X H):390 x 555 x 415 mm
Weight:approx. 42 kg
Christ  Laboratory Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LDplus
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ALPHA 1-4 LDplus14230240-on demand