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Test Sieves Ø 200 mm
Mesh Size: 20 to 900 µm

The unique RETSCH manufacturing process ensures optimum design for each sieve. Increased quality of analyses and improved handling and service life of the sieves.
  • One-piece sieve frame and fabric-transition without grooves prevent cross contamination (no sample residues etc.).
  • No hollow spaces which need to be sealed (no epoxy).
  • High degree of corrosion resistance and easy cleaning thanks to high-alloy st. steel.
  • Innovative tensioning technology guarantees permanently tight sieve fabric.
  • Excellent product quality due to extensive optical inspection.
  • Max. stability and optimum sealing when used in sieve stacks thanks to the o-ring which is placed in the recess designed for this purpose.
  • Clear and precise labelling of the sieves with full traceability based on individualised laser engraving.
  • All sieves acc. to ASTM E 11 available on request.
  • Inspection certificate and calibration certificate available on request.
Test Sieves  Ø 200 mm  Mesh Size: 20 to 900 µm  Retsch
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
20 μm15226650-633.60Order
25 μm15226651-330.88Order
32 μm15226652-191.84Order
36 μm15226653-191.84Order
38 μm15226654-191.84Order
40 μm15226655-134.64Order
45 μm15226656-134.64Order
50 μm15226657-112.64Order
53 μm15226658-112.64Order
56 μm15226659-101.20Order
63 μm15226660-88.88Order
71 μm15226661-88.88Order
75 μm15226662-88.88Order
80 μm15226663-88.88Order
90 μm15226664-88.88Order
100 μm15226665-88.88Order
106 μm15226666-88.88Order
112 μm15226667-88.88Order
125 μm15226668-88.88Order
140 μm15226669-88.88Order
150 μm15226670-88.88Order
160 μm15226671-88.88Order
180 μm15226672-88.88Order
200 μm15226673-88.88Order
212 μm15226674-88.88Order
224 μm15226675-88.88Order
250 μm15226676-88.88Order
280 μm15226677-88.88Order
300 μm15226678-88.88Order
315 μm15226679-88.88Order
355 μm15226680-88.88Order
400 μm15226681-88.88Order
425 μm15226682-88.88Order
450 μm15226683-88.88Order
500 μm15226684-88.88Order
560 μm15226685-90.64Order
600 μm15226686-90.64Order
630 μm15226687-90.64Order
710 μm15226688-90.64Order
800 μm15226689-90.64Order
850 μm15226690-90.64Order
900 μm15226691-90.64Order
Test sieves 200 x 25 mm are available on request.