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Rapid Dryer TG 200

For the drying, dispersing and mixing of bulk materials, organic or inorganic, coarse, fine, crystalline or fibrous, without localised overheating. Also suitable for drying lab items such as test sieves.
  • Very short drying times (approx. 5 to 20 min).
  • Strong blower allows for optimised air flow and increased drying capacity.
  • Max. drying temperature 150 °C.
  • Digital controls for temperature, time and air flow.
  • Interval mode for improved mixture of fluidised bed.
  • 9 parameter combinations can be stored.
  • Safe and easy handling.
Technical Data:
Feed material:

bulk materials and solids, > 63 µm
Temperature control:40 to 150 °C (depends on air throughput rate)
Time setting:0 to 99 min, continuous operation
Drying time:5 to 20 min, depending on material
Container volume:1 x 6 l or 3 x 0.3 l
Dimensions (W x D x H):400 x 480 x 1000 mm
Weight:approx. 21 kg
Mains supply:200 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
 TG 200 Video
Rapid Dryer TG 200  Retsch
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Rapid Dryer TG 200 for 200 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz15739271-5,931.20Order
Drying chamber of glass, 6 l15739217-959.20Order
Drying chamber of stainless steel, 6 l15739260-657.36Order
Drying chamber of glass, 3 x 0.3 l (incl. holder)15739261-2,305.60Order
Quick-action clamping lid w. filter insert (exchangeable) + 10 filters15739262-632.72Order
Cover with filter insert for 0.3 l drying chambers35739263-118.80Order
Adapter for drying sieves 200 / 203 mm Ø15739264-211.20Order
Quick-action clamping lid with filter bag15739265-359.04Order
Filter bag for quick-action clamping lid15739221-61.60Order
Filter insert for quick-action clamping lid105739220-118.80Order
Spare drying chamber of glass, 0.3 l15739266-436.48Order
Filter bag for drying chamber 0.3 l15739267-61.60Order
Filter insert for 0.3 l drying chamber15739268-7.30Order
Dust filter for blower105739269-50.16Order
Quick-clamping elements TG 200 (1 pair)25739270-426.80Order