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Rotary Evaporators Rotavapor® RII

The Rotavapor® R II fulfils exactly the fundamental needs of classical laboratory applications in teaching and research. It performs the important functions, without compromising on quality or safety - a device for gentle evaporation in the laboratory:
  • A continuous vapour duct and a vacuum seal made of PTFE composite material provide long service life and effective sealing.
  • Small footprint and robust design in powdercoated aluminium.
  • Elegant solution for the easy removal of the flask and dismantling of the vapour duct with the combi clip.
  • Simple raising and lowering of the flask by hand - makes operation quick and safe.
  • A heating bath for temperatures of 20 to 95 °C. The quick-release electrical connection means it is particularly easy to install and to remove.

Rotavapor® R II with glass assembly A:
  • Diagonal condenser.
  • Can be used where height is limited.
  • Dor standard distillations.
  • With optional tap for continuous feeding.

Rotavapor® R II with glass assembly V:
  • Certical condenser.
  • Can be used where height is limited.
  • For standard distillations.
  • With optional tap for continuous feeding.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:220 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
IP class:21
Rotary evaporator
Dimensions (L x H x D):

550 x 575 x 415 mm
Weight:16 to 18 kg, depending on the glass assembly
Power consumption:60 W
Rotation speed:20 to 280 min-1
Flask size:
Max. flask size:
50 to 4000 ml
3 kg
Heating bath
Dimensions (L x H x D):

285 x 240 x 300 mm
Weight:4 kg
Power consumption:1300 W
Flask size:up to 4000 ml
Controlled temperature range:20 to 95 °C
Temperature deviation:± 2 ºC
Bath capacity:4 l
Büchi  Rotary Evaporators Rotavapor® RII
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Rotavapor® RIIAnormal glass15812010-on demand 
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