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DrySyn® Attachments: Inserts for Round Bottom Flasks

  • Convert a magnetic stirrer into a reaction block.
  • For up to 9 round bottom flasks or 12 reaction vessels of different sizes at the same time.
  • Clean and safe alternative to a oil bath.
  • Greater versatility, do any combination of reaction adaptors.
  • Powerful stirring in all configurations.
  • Controlled heating and temperature control.
  • Temperature sensor fits directly in inserts for greater accurracy.
  • Setting up reactions is easy with the DrySyn® clamp (please order stay bar separately).
  • Complete DrySyn® MULTI sets for round bottom flasks.
  • More DrySyn® inserts for round bottom flasks (10 to 250 ml) and reaction vessels (Ø 16.2 to 25.75 mm) on demand.
1 reaction:Use central position for optimal stirring and heating.
3 reactions:Do any combination of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 ml round bottom flasks.
12 reactions:Use up to 3 reaction vessel inserts for the following vessel Ø: 16.2, 17.4, 20.2, 24.4 or 25.75 mm.
DrySyn® Attachments: Inserts for Round Bottom Flasks  Kleinfeld
DrySyn® Attachments: Inserts for Round Bottom Flasks  KleinfeldDrySyn® Attachments: Inserts for Round Bottom Flasks  Kleinfeld    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
DrySyn® MULTI inserts3 x 10 ml35720187-242.00Order
DrySyn® MULTI inserts3 x 25 ml35720188-242.00Order
DrySyn® MULTI inserts3 x 50 ml35720189-258.50Order
DrySyn® MULTI inserts3 x 100 ml35720190-278.30Order
DrySyn® MULTI insertsfor 4 x 16.20 mm CEM microwave tubes35720196-316.80Order
DrySyn® MULTI insertsfor 4 x 17.40 mm Biotage microwave tubes35720197-316.80Order
DrySyn® MULTI insertsfor 4 x 20.20 mm robot tubes35720198-316.80Order
DrySyn® MULTI insertsfor 4 x 24.40 mm boiling tubes35720199-316.80Order
DrySyn® MULTI insertsfor 4 x 25.75 mm Wheaton reactor vials35720201-316.80Order
DrySyn® MULTI M insert250 ml35720218-334.40Order
DrySyn® MULTI complete kitincl. base plate, 3 x 25 / 50 / 100 ml insert each15720219-819.50Order
DrySyn® MULTI M complete kitincl. base plate, 3 x 250 / 100 ml insert each15720220-772.20Order
DrySyn® MULTI base plate only-15720222-240.90Order
DrySyn® MULTI M base plate only-15720223-315.70Order
DrySyn® MULTI M 3 position clamp-15720226-110.00Order