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Thermo Scientific
Cimarec i Mono Direct Magnetic Stirrer

The Cimarec i Mono Direct single point stirrer features rotary knob direct control for basic stirring tasks up to 3 l. The inductive-drive stirrer operates without moving parts, making it wear- and maintenance-free. Each stirrer has automatic start-up for safe acceleration in a powder-coated st. steel housing. The flat powder-coated st. steel housing is resistant against chemical aggression.
  • Wear-free inductive drive for a long durability.
  • Large and easy-to-clean working surface.
  • Automatic start-up for safe stirrer acceleration.
Technical Data:
Stirring volume:1 to 3000 ml
Stirring power:5 W
Speed range:130 to 1000 min-1
Ambient temperature:- 10 to + 40 °C at 95 % relative humidity
Dimensions (W x D x H):180 x 215 x 35 mm
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Thermo Scientific  Cimarec i Mono Direct Magnetic Stirrer
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Cimarec i Mono Direct magnetic stirrer15720501-266.48Order
Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical / Brand, Wertheim